What are clients say about us

Our Credentials

Sr No.Date of visitName of Important visitorsCOMMENTS
1. 11.05.93 Steven, Australia Excellent Tour and very impressed with approach to environment & quality.
2. 25.05.93 .., USA A remarkable, dedicated & truly professional work being conducted by the JAIN BROTHERS
3. 26.06.93 ..., USA Quality I haven't seen before, outstanding with great pride.
4. 18.10.93 Paul E. Maxwell(Science Councellor US Embassy) Excellent.
5. 09.11.93 Elinor Constable (State Deptt. Washington USA) Admirable work , wish you all success.
6. 05.11.94 ... Ltd, Australia Getting better every time.
7. 09.12.94 Jeff Hallet, Park Society Of America, Washington, USA A new paradigm of product and environmental quality.
8. 22.02.95 ... Science Officer, US Embassy, N. Delhi Many thanks for your time , concern for the environment shines throughout your foundry , Excellent work.
9. 09.07.96 ... Shorrock, Canada Thanks for your hospitality, Great products from the age when quality counted.
10. 16.10.96 ..., Australia Ditto ! (Still getting better ) Good luck with the new products.
11. 16.09.96 ..., Ireland Foundry look firm with good quantity work. Hope the best with more range and products.
12. 11.04.97 ..., Manager Outsourcing, Director Finance, LTD, Ireland Kindness is so great. Fabulous reception..
13. 23.08.97 ..., Ireland I have been here for over one week , overseeing the start of our project with Suraj Foundry. The effort and concern to get the quality right is second to none. We are very happy with our castings.
14. 03.05.99 ...Brent, (MD), ..., Australia A warm welcome , Thank you once again for your kind hospitality , nice to see our products being made .
15. 03.05.99 L.Benbow, Australia. Great welcome, interesting discussion regarding corrosion resistance of Cast Iron & Stainless Steel.
16. 27.09.99 ...(MD), ..., New Delhi It is always a refreshing exprerience to converse with Rakesh on all business & philosophic subjects.
17. 30.05.01 ..., Canbera , Australia Lovely people , competent caster & a pleasure to be with.
18. 17.10.02 Sibnonolla Altnodo, Italy Thank you for your kindness and hoping in co-operation for the future.
19. 05.04.04 ...(Ex-Miss India), New Delhi I have learnt so much and admire the Eco-friendly factory and all the hand work that you do.
20. 09.01.04 ..., Utah, USA Thank you so much for all of your kindness and generosity . I will always remember my visit to Suraj Foundry.
21. 19.11.04 ..., Ireland It had been an honour and privilage to visit with you. My sincere best wishes for the future.
22. 03.06.05 ..., New Zealand It has been a pleasure visiting with you. Your welcome was more than I had expected and will be one of the highlights of my trip to India . I look forward to returning and wish you all the best fo both your and your companies future
23. 30.12.04 ...,G.M ... LTD, Faridabad It is always a pleasure to visit SURAJ FOUNDRY and meet Rakesh & Shakoun team. They infect with their enthusiasm and crativity. I wish them the very best.
24. 16.03.06 ..., Luno, Sweden Wishing you all the best with the production and the marketing of your castings.
25. 13.06.06 Johannesburg, South Africa It has been a pleasure to meet with you and we look forward to a long , prosperous business venture in the future.
26. 24.10.06 ... ISO Auditor, AQSR, USA It was pleasure to be have for conducting of audit . Wishing you all the best.
27. 26.11.07 ... Zonal Manager, Bank Of India It was a pleasure to visit your factory...I wish Mr. Jain and his dedicated team best of luck.
28. 17.03.07 ..., Ireland It has been a very pleasure and a great honour to meet you & your family ,knowing your life and heart . It is the right place , all things getting better & better for the future in family & business God Bless all.Happy St. Patricks.
29. 18.07.08 R.N. Sinha... Group Kanpur Wealth of experience , people -centric organisation, clean operations , positive approach, thanks
30. 19.04.08 Stephen Newcomb..., England We are very proud to have been so well accepted in your foundry and admire very much your quality and your approach to your work.
31. - ..., England -
32. 18.6.08 .., Canada This is a wonderful enterprise managed by passionate enterpreneures with inspriing ethics, workmanship and team spirit . I am encouraged to faster this relationship for mutual benefit. It was wonderful to meet Mr. Jain & his son.
33. 21.07.08 ...Johnson, Australia Great co-operation & team work to resolve very difficult marketing problem for our company.
34. 07.10.08 ...Yatsu, ... Japan I have never seen vendor like this before. I think they make very good quality product.
35. 02.04.09 ….Managing Director, ….. Ltd. N. Ireland Very good quality products seem to be available from this foundry and very pleasant & experienced people to work with. I think we can do business together in the future.
36. 28.08.09 …………Ltd, Ireland Great to be back in Agra and Suraj Foundry after almost 10 yrs. So much has changed but the commitment to quality has remained as high as the first time 15 yrs ago. Now we are here to challenge Rakesh and his team with our new range of products, which I have every confidence he will master First proto-type approved and order placed .We are arranging to work an a Joint Venture to partner as our main supplier due to the skill and commitment in their export business.
37. 09.02.2010 Stephen ……… Ireland Excellent Friendly Service. All staff are great……… food is great.
38. 10.01.2013 Shmuel Ende, Jerusalem, Israel We have visited Mr. Rakesh Kumar at his place in Agra.We like to meet nice people with nice products. We hope to do business together.
39. 10.04.2013 Brett McQuade, P.E, Regional Sales Manager, Ind. Inc. Canada (Since 1960) // Florida U.S.A Very impressed at the focus in quality to the end vision. I hope to do business with you soon!